Masonic Gifts

Square and Compass

Having been a mason for several years we begin to embellish our attire. By that I mean Masonic jewels and items we wear on our clothing when we go to our lodge meetings.

Nothing to garish you understand, just little items, which to the general public (the profane) means very little. They tend to be quite understated but on closer inspection – they’re very obviously Freemason and filled with masonic symbols.

Masonic Jewellery

All Seeing Eye

Items such as Masonic cufflinks, Masonic tie pins, Freemason pocket watches and Freemason lapel pins. All go well with the dark suits and black ties we wear. I prefer a gold finish myself but it’s all down to personal taste. There are no hard and fast rules, no right our wrong.

We found this excellent site which specialises in Masonic gifts. I like it because the people that run it are all obviously Freemasons and they select their favorites based on masonic principals and considerations.

Masonic Cufflinks and Tie Pins

Cufflinks and tie pins, as well as being a splendid addition to any attire are also most some of the most practical of course. And that little flourish of Masonic symbology makes them that much better for us Freemasons.

The most common symbol it’s that of the compass and square. These two symbols are the most widely known symbols of the craft. Instantly recognisable by all masons and one of the most common motifs used on Freemason literature.

Freemason Watches

I particular like watches and Freemason watches in particular those which come with the compass and square motif on the face. But my preference are those watches with the twelve digits replaced by Masonic symbols. This acts to show is many of the tools used to represent various virtues and also acts as a reminder as to what they are.

Not That Expensive

In reality masonic jewellery doesn’t have to be that expensive as it’s the symbology that’s most important. For this reason Masonic jewellery make great gifts for all Freemasons.

Other useful sites

Grand Lodges in the USA

US Freemason Presidents

Founding Fathers

My Christmas Present, this year, will be a 88 Key Keyboard

Electronic Piano Keyboard

Electronic Piano Keyboard

What to get for junior’s Christmas Present

With Christmas approaching its time to think about what to get my seven year old son. Well we both decided, my partner and I, what we would be getting him back in the summer!

Steven started piano lessons back in April and to our delight he really enjoys it. He looks forward to his lessons and when we visit my parents, he goes straight to their piano. He’s in another world, and keep himself occupied for many hours.

Quite the reverse for other parents who struggle to get their children to play and study the piano. Piano is a burden for the child and hard work for the parents. Who have to sit over their children to make sure they practice. After all music lessons cost money and you and your child to progress. Well in our case we don’t have to beg, cajole or threaten. Steven just plays, we can’t stop him.

Short piano pieces for children to play

Christmas Present, Sorted

So for us it’s different, our son who has such a positive attitude to his piano lessons and actually looks forward to them and could do with more. So his Christmas present this year, is a no-brainer really. we’ll get him an 88 key digital piano.

What an 88 key digital piano has to have

However, and this is important, we’re not after a toy! This has to be a proper electronic piano, one that behaves like a real piano. So that moving from the electronic piano to a traditional mechanical piano is seamless and natural.

We found the perfect electronic piano site here at This site is dedicated to 88 key keyboard pianos, so that narrowed our choice considerably, as they’ve done all the work of selecting the ideal electronic piano. From the many hundreds electronic pianos out there, to just a handful.

Third are the pedals. I know my son doesn’t use these yet but going forward he will. The electronic piano we chose has pedals that mimic those on a real piano.

So this electronic piano ticks all the right boxes and finally, the price. We new we’d pay more than we would for a more superfluous keyboard but we felt that this 88 key electronic piano was going to be an investment and more than just a Christmas present. And to our surprise it wasn’t too expensive.

A 88 key digital piano for Christmas

We can highly recommend 88 key weighted keyboard for Christmas. This will make an ideal Christmas present. And it’s perfect if you want something that’s more than just a toy.

The electronic piano we selected has 88 keys. This is very important as full size pianos have this many keys too. Which makes moving from electronic to a real piano an seamless process. Selecting an electronic piano that has the same number of octaves as a real piano makes all of the piano’s repertoire available.

The second consideration is that the 88 keys should be weighted. This means that the keys of the electronic piano aren’t just switches but behave as though they are hammers striking the strings. Just as they would in the real instrument.

Learning piano for a young child, when’s the best age to start learning piano, getting a good piano teacher

Child Playing the Piano

temperature control kettle

My Temperature Controlled Kettle

It came today, my new variable temperature kettle I ordered it through They made the process nice and simple. With so many models to choose from I just wanted a recommended selection and that’s what they they gave me. I Selected from one of the models in their selected range and you get to choose  a great quality kettle that’s going to last.

green tea

Green Teas – Make with Care

I’m an avid tea drinker but not the normal English type tea, with milk sugar and biscuits. No, I drink green tea. My favorite is oolong tea but I do mix it up a bit with jasmine tea. And we have s great Chinese deli near to where we live, so I’ll always well stocked.

These green teas need to brew below boiling point to get the best out of them and these latest kettles have a temperature control so that you can set the precise temperature you want. So it’s a win, win. We also have young children and I’m able to make hot chocolate and cocoa drinks with hot, not boiling water.

My Kettle’s still New, But…

Obviously it’s only just arrived and I like to thoroughly clean items like these as soon as they arrive. That hasn’t stopped me trying it out though. I’ve made several batches of oolong tea so far and each one is the best oolong tea I’ve had in a long while.

And with each subsequent batch, the flavor gets better. So I’m really pleased with myself and had to tell the world about this marvellous kettle. Here’s how to make perfect green tea.

cell phone

A Phone App for a Kettle?

My temperature control kettle also comes with a phone app. I didn’t really need that but I thought – why not. Everything seems to come with a phone app these days. Well the phone beeps when the water is has reached the temperature I set. But I don’t have to stop what I’m doing and attend to the kettle that’s because the kettle also has the ability to keep the water at the set temperature, in my case, for thirty minutes.

The Future

So I think I’ve got a new kitchen device that’s actually quite useful and will be in constant use for years to come. It’s a sad fact nowadays, that many new kitchen gadgets tend to be more froth and gimmicky, than really useful. And I’ll admit that I fall for gadgets a lot, even though I should know better.

I’ll update this post in future to let you know how well or how bad it turned out to be – watch this space.

Luggage Sets, Purple

Face to face meetingFace to Face Meetings

From time to time I have to travel around the country meeting with business executives and having those fly in/fly out meetings. We can phone nowadays and of course there’s email and also Skype. But having a face to face meeting still has it’s benefits and in my line of work is a very important if tiring. Even in this digital age face to face is still relevant, as you can see here

Building a Rapport

When you meet someone and sit with them, there’s an eye to eye contact, there’s a rapport that develops. You also get instant feedback, you know if someone is not interested in what you have to sell or just don’t like you or you don’t like them. At these face to face meeting, you begin to build a rapport and there’s the beginning of a trust relationship. Your sowing the seeds of a true business relationship. Something that’s very hard to do online or with a phone. Humans are social animals and always will be, you can go into more details here.

part of a 3 piece luggage setMy Old Suitcases

I needed a new set of cases. My fifteen year old suitcase were beginning to give me problems.I think that going through all those baggage handling systems, a couple of dozen times a year, has taken its toll. I decided to replace it with a three piece luggage set

Why a three piece set

Why a three piece luggage set? Because it has three matching cases and sometimes my wife travels with me so a three piece set makes perfect sense. My two sons are 22 and 19 years of aged, so I don’t need to worry about them, they can take care of themselves. We can also turn a business trip into a business/pleasure trip. And besides it’s nice to sit next to someone you know on the plane. It works very well.

airport luggageThe benefits of a 3 piece luggage set

Well the main reason is that two cases are better than one. If my wife tags along then three suitcases are better than two.

Then also, conveniently, fit one inside the other when not in use. So when not travelling, they take up the least amount of space.

And finally they are all the same design, color, shape. This makes it easy to spot your luggage as it wanders around the airport carousel, waiting to be collected.

A Luggage Set, Purple in color

This was always going to be tricky. I would always go for black or dark gray. My wife is a bright primary color sort of person. I know she’d like pink luggage set – no way.

So we came to a compromise, I’d do all the due diligence of the various suitcase specs and the color we chose was purple. And I found this link Luggage Sets, Purple most helpful. Purple is not to garish, in my opinion and my wife doesn’t feel that she has to “take ot or leave it”. I think we’re both happy. What purple says about you.

Luggage and passportSuitcase Criteria

Because I’m a frequent traveller, I’m more in to function that form. The suitcase(s) have to be well made, rugged and thick skinned. They need to be my reliable and just always there for me.

I look for strong zips, tough industrial castors and lots of handles. I prefer spinners to lean-tos and they have to have the new TSA type locks for airport security.

Lastly I at other features like, does it have pockets, both inside and out, compartments inside. Can some or all of the case expand a bit. This last feature can and does come in very useful at times.

Then finally I look at the colors that I can get my new three piece luggage set in. And I glad to say that that was the easy bit of the whole process. Here’s an experts view on luggage in and around airports

Online Trading Overview


Well, online trading is profitable pursuit, do you agree with this? If you do, so there is no misconception about the online trading. When it comes to online trading, there are many ways that you can utilize to make sure what you’re investing in is profitable and that it can make money for you. Besides knowing what the strategy of online trading, you also need to have a ability in analyzing the market. You, as an investor, should make sure that what you are doing is going to be a profitable stock investment. Please visit online trading sites if you want to know about the online trading at deeper level or make the investment to an online trading course.

Price Limits

Setting the price limit on fast-moving shares is one of the most important things in online trading. Whether you want to buy shares at lower price or higher price, placing the limit on order should be prioritized rather than the market limit. The limited order will give you a more flexibility in buying or selling the shares. You can buy it either higher limit or lower limit, while the market order may not enable you to buy the shares at either limit. In other words, you may not control the price of the stock which you want to buy. For example, if you do not want to purchase the stock which is priced less than $20, that you are going to buy stocks at the price of $9, you can choose the limit order to purchase the share at any price less than $20. While, you will get more cost and loss when you buy market order that you need to buy the stock for the higher price than limit order because you are suffering from the lose when the market goes down. The only thing that you need to remember is that you may not be able to buy the shares because the market can quickly increase above your price. But, the limit order can protect you from a loss.