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Masonic Gifts

Having been a mason for several years we begin to embellish our attire. By that I mean Masonic jewels and items we wear on our clothing when we go to our lodge meetings. Nothing to garish you understand, just little items, which to the general public (the profane) means very little. They tend to be… Read More »

My Christmas Present, this year, will be a 88 Key Keyboard

What to get for junior’s Christmas Present With Christmas approaching its time to think about what to get my seven year old son. Well we both decided, my partner and I, what we would be getting him back in the summer! Steven started piano lessons back in April and to our delight he really enjoys… Read More »

temperature control kettle

My Temperature Controlled Kettle It came today, my new variable temperature kettle I ordered it through They made the process nice and simple. With so many models to choose from I just wanted a recommended selection and that’s what they they gave me. I Selected from one of the models in their selected range and… Read More »

Luggage Sets, Purple

Face to Face Meetings From time to time I have to travel around the country meeting with business executives and having those fly in/fly out meetings. We can phone nowadays and of course there’s email and also Skype. But having a face to face meeting still has it’s benefits and in my line of work… Read More »

Online Trading Overview

Stocks Well, online trading is profitable pursuit, do you agree with this? If you do, so there is no misconception about the online trading. When it comes to online trading, there are many ways that you can utilize to make sure what you’re investing in is profitable and that it can make money for you.… Read More »