Masonic Gifts

By | May 18, 2019
Square and Compass

Having been a mason for several years we begin to embellish our attire. By that I mean Masonic jewels and items we wear on our clothing when we go to our lodge meetings.

Nothing to garish you understand, just little items, which to the general public (the profane) means very little. They tend to be quite understated but on closer inspection – they’re very obviously Freemason and filled with masonic symbols.

Masonic Jewellery

All Seeing Eye

Items such as Masonic cufflinks, Masonic tie pins, Freemason pocket watches and Freemason lapel pins. All go well with the dark suits and black ties we wear. I prefer a gold finish myself but it’s all down to personal taste. There are no hard and fast rules, no right our wrong.

We found this excellent site which specialises in Masonic gifts. I like it because the people that run it are all obviously Freemasons and they select their favorites based on masonic principals and considerations.

Masonic Cufflinks and Tie Pins

Cufflinks and tie pins, as well as being a splendid addition to any attire are also most some of the most practical of course. And that little flourish of Masonic symbology makes them that much better for us Freemasons.

The most common symbol it’s that of the compass and square. These two symbols are the most widely known symbols of the craft. Instantly recognisable by all masons and one of the most common motifs used on Freemason literature.

Freemason Watches

I particular like watches and Freemason watches in particular those which come with the compass and square motif on the face. But my preference are those watches with the twelve digits replaced by Masonic symbols. This acts to show is many of the tools used to represent various virtues and also acts as a reminder as to what they are.

Not That Expensive

In reality masonic jewellery doesn’t have to be that expensive as it’s the symbology that’s most important. For this reason Masonic jewellery make great gifts for all Freemasons.

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