My Christmas Present, this year, will be a 88 Key Keyboard

By | December 5, 2018
Electronic Piano Keyboard

Electronic Piano Keyboard

What to get for junior’s Christmas Present

With Christmas approaching its time to think about what to get my seven year old son. Well we both decided, my partner and I, what we would be getting him back in the summer!

Steven started piano lessons back in April and to our delight he really enjoys it. He looks forward to his lessons and when we visit my parents, he goes straight to their piano. He’s in another world, and keep himself occupied for many hours.

Quite the reverse for other parents who struggle to get their children to play and study the piano. Piano is a burden for the child and hard work for the parents. Who have to sit over their children to make sure they practice. After all music lessons cost money and you and your child to progress. Well in our case we don’t have to beg, cajole or threaten. Steven just plays, we can’t stop him.

Short piano pieces for children to play

Christmas Present, Sorted

So for us it’s different, our son who has such a positive attitude to his piano lessons and actually looks forward to them and could do with more. So his Christmas present this year, is a no-brainer really. we’ll get him an 88 key digital piano.

What an 88 key digital piano has to have

However, and this is important, we’re not after a toy! This has to be a proper electronic piano, one that behaves like a real piano. So that moving from the electronic piano to a traditional mechanical piano is seamless and natural.

We found the perfect electronic piano site here at This site is dedicated to 88 key keyboard pianos, so that narrowed our choice considerably, as they’ve done all the work of selecting the ideal electronic piano. From the many hundreds electronic pianos out there, to just a handful.

Third are the pedals. I know my son doesn’t use these yet but going forward he will. The electronic piano we chose has pedals that mimic those on a real piano.

So this electronic piano ticks all the right boxes and finally, the price. We new we’d pay more than we would for a more superfluous keyboard but we felt that this 88 key electronic piano was going to be an investment and more than just a Christmas present. And to our surprise it wasn’t too expensive.

A 88 key digital piano for Christmas

We can highly recommend 88 key weighted keyboard for Christmas. This will make an ideal Christmas present. And it’s perfect if you want something that’s more than just a toy.

The electronic piano we selected has 88 keys. This is very important as full size pianos have this many keys too. Which makes moving from electronic to a real piano an seamless process. Selecting an electronic piano that has the same number of octaves as a real piano makes all of the piano’s repertoire available.

The second consideration is that the 88 keys should be weighted. This means that the keys of the electronic piano aren’t just switches but behave as though they are hammers striking the strings. Just as they would in the real instrument.

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