temperature control kettle

By | November 18, 2018

My Temperature Controlled Kettle

It came today, my new variable temperature kettle I ordered it through http://variabletemperaturekettles.com/ They made the process nice and simple. With so many models to choose from I just wanted a recommended selection and that’s what they they gave me. I Selected from one of the models in their selected range and you get to choose  a great quality kettle that’s going to last.

green tea

Green Teas – Make with Care

I’m an avid tea drinker but not the normal English type tea, with milk sugar and biscuits. No, I drink green tea. My favorite is oolong tea but I do mix it up a bit with jasmine tea. And we have s great Chinese deli near to where we live, so I’ll always well stocked.

These green teas need to brew below boiling point to get the best out of them and these latest kettles have a temperature control so that you can set the precise temperature you want. So it’s a win, win. We also have young children and I’m able to make hot chocolate and cocoa drinks with hot, not boiling water.

My Kettle’s still New, But…

Obviously it’s only just arrived and I like to thoroughly clean items like these as soon as they arrive. That hasn’t stopped me trying it out though. I’ve made several batches of oolong tea so far and each one is the best oolong tea I’ve had in a long while.

And with each subsequent batch, the flavor gets better. So I’m really pleased with myself and had to tell the world about this marvellous kettle. Here’s how to make perfect green tea.

cell phone

A Phone App for a Kettle?

My temperature control kettle also comes with a phone app. I didn’t really need that but I thought – why not. Everything seems to come with a phone app these days. Well the phone beeps when the water is has reached the temperature I set. But I don’t have to stop what I’m doing and attend to the kettle that’s because the kettle also has the ability to keep the water at the set temperature, in my case, for thirty minutes.

The Future

So I think I’ve got a new kitchen device that’s actually quite useful and will be in constant use for years to come. It’s a sad fact nowadays, that many new kitchen gadgets tend to be more froth and gimmicky, than really useful. And I’ll admit that I fall for gadgets a lot, even though I should know better.

I’ll update this post in future to let you know how well or how bad it turned out to be – watch this space.